Monday, March 12, 2012

101 in 1001

So last summer I started 101 in 1001 list - and have been working on it on and off ever since. The items in red are done - and for every item I don't accomplish I will donate $10 to Western Wishes. 

1.        Go on the Zipper with Rebecca at State Fair
2.       Get  back stage passes to an ERIC CHURCH concert
3.       Give blood 4x
4.       Seriously beef up my Spanish speaking skills
5.       Learn Portuguese
6.       Go to Brazil to visit Algardo
7.       Go on the Argentina trip
8.       Climb Harney Peak
9.       Run a 5k.
10.   Visit a Winery with mom
11.   Speak at a conference
12.   Go snowboarding
13.   Go skydiving
14.   Learn to swim for real – so I can …
15.   Go down the super cool slide at the Terrace park pool
16.   Make Grandpas stuff pork chops for my roomies
17.   Cook lamb for my friends.
18.   Get my MBA.
19.   Workout 4x a week.
20.   Go to a Eric Church concert with the girls
21.   Go to a NFL game!
22.   Drive in Minneapolis or Kansas City
23.   Apply for the AFA Leadership Team!
24.   Visit DC again.
25.   Go white water rafting
26.   Compete in the Cody Night Rodeo
27.   Go to Cheyenne for Frontier Days.
28.   Have a picture published in a magazine or book or something..
29.   Get paid to write something
30.   Make the Dean’s List again.
31.   Climb to the top of the Rock Wall in the Wellness Center.
32.   Give Shelby riding lessons
33.   Enter Sparky in a big barrel race or futurity.
34.   Volunteer for SD 4-H as a judge or project leader
35.    Buy a new vehicle.
36.   Shoot a pheasant.
37.   Highlight or perm my hair
38.   Write at least 1 agvocate blog a month
39.   Join a intramural team
40.   Buy a fancy camera
41.   Go camping just to go camping
42.   Go to National FFA for Ag Bio Ambassadors
43.   Cheer for Becca at National FFA!!
44.   Learn to play a real song on the piano
45.   Read Smart Women Finish Rich
46.   Read 1 book a month
47.   Go to Vegas for the NFR
48.   Go to the Pendleton Roundup
49.   Go to Calgary
50.   Go to a away Jacks game…or rodeo
51.   Go to more club meetings.
52.    Get my Ambo jacket in first semester
53.   Give my agvocate speech as a workshop to a class or club
54.   Stop judging people
55.   Go to Oasis once a month,
56.   Try Sushi
57.   Finish my scrapbooks!
58.   Make and donate 5 things to a fundraiser
59.   Make friends that aren’t aggies
60.   Write and receive a letter (5xtimes)
61.   Show  a bull at Little I 
62.   Read the Bible.
63.   Go sledding on Larsons Hill
64.   GO on a road trip
65.    Help Drysen DJ at a dance
66.   Give my parents the vacation they deserve by doing chores and taking care of the munchkins
67.   Call my grandpa, just to chat. (1x/month)
68.   Go to Denver Stock Show, just for fun!
69.   Visit the American Lamb Board HQ.
70.   Learn to golf.
71.   Read How to win Friends and Influence People
72.   Stop drinking pop
73.   Ride a motorcycle..all by myself.
74.   Volunteer at STARS in Brookings 1x/month
75.   Volunteer at the Brookings Humane Society 1x/month
76.   Learn to weld.
77.   Learn to play with the plasma cutter J Look out RANDY!!
78.   Thank someone for influencing my life (5x)
79.   Delete all the duplicates and songs I don’t like on my ipod
80.   Sell 10 belts/beaded things
81.   Spend a day at the horse races
82.   Bond with friends at the lawn mower races
83.   Buy a Brule CD
84.   Put videos of our farm on Youtube for the world to see
85.   Try out for a play 
86.   Keep my room clean.
87.   Have a job I love .
88.   Do all the chores at our farm in one day – with mixer wagon, mixer/grinder and bale processor.
89.   Teach a class
90.   Take the felting class at the art museum!!
91.   Build a coffee table to match my end tables.
92.   Turn a bowl and a box on the lathe!
93.   Finish my box of unfinished projects.
94.   Donate school supplies and books
95.   Ride in a Buck Clinic
96.   Invest money in something
97.   Finish 1 major and 2 minors in 4 years!
98.   Be a better big sister
99.   Own Buck the Movie
100.                        Train Harley to ride