Thursday, December 15, 2011

My hero in agriculture

One super hot July day...2 people fell in love
My role model in agriculture and in life are the exact same person. My mom wasn't born on a farm - she was born into a family that was passionate about the showing and rodeo with their horses. The closest she ever came to having farm animals was having roping calves and tying goats. It wasn't until I was 8 that she met and married my step-dad, a dairy farmer that also had about 50 head of beef cattle. 
3 generations on the way to George Strait! 
Now we have 1100 head of ewes and about 150 cows. The dairy cattle have long since gone. In the last 12 years, mom has learned everything about the sheep industry, and spends long hours working in the lambing barns when she gets home from her 'real' job. She even wants to learn to drive tractor. My mom is my role model in agriculture because she was willing to learn, willing to change and willing to love the land and life her husband led. She now helps make management decisions, can run the lambing barns on her own, helps work cows and sheep while still getting dinner for 5 or more on the table. My mom is my best friend and my role model, and always will be. 

in her element...